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Web's Largest Website Address Provider
Is Looking For Reps World Wide !

Representatives are needed to help find people and businesses who could benefit with a website presence to help them promote their business, and/or enhance and magnify their phone number's potential in their advertisements.

EARN $25 Commission
on any of our 500+
Website Address
50% Commission
Offering unique website addresses (URL's) subscriptions individuals, businesses, non-profits, corporations world wide.

Using one or more of 500+ domain names in our collection, anyone or any business can subscribe to a unique and very descriptive website address. (URL)

Subscribers select a domain name from our collection, and then request a unique name, number, phone number, etc, of your choice to be added as a sub-domain, or as a domain/folder, to create your unique website address.

Few Examples:  Sub.Domain.com Domain.com/Folder
14 of 500+ Available
Domains for URL Subscriptions
( JohnDoe.Domain.com ) ( Domain.com/MaryJones )
  • Jewel-ry.com
  • Lamp-s.com
  • NeckTie-s.com
  • Poster-s.com
  • PreciousMetal-s.com
  • Puzzle-s.com
  • RareCoin-s.com
  • RubberStamp-s.com
  • SilverCoin-s.com
  • SilverEagle-s.com
  • Shirt-s.com
  • Sweater-s.com
  • Tie-s.com
  • Tool-s.com
  • YourName.Jewel-ry.com
  • YourName.Lamp-s.com
  • YourName.NeckTie-s.com
  • YourName.Poster-s.com
  • YourName.PreciousMetal-s.com
  • YourName.Puzzle-s.com
  • YourName.RareCoin-s.com
  • YourName.RubberStamp-s.com
  • YourName.SilverCoin-s.com
  • YourName.SilverEagle-s.com
  • YourName.Shirt-s.com
  • YourName.Sweater-s.com
  • YourName.Tie-s.com
  • YourName.Tool-s.com
  • Jewel-ry.com/YourName.
  • Lamp-s.com/YourName.
  • NeckTie-s.com/YourName.
  • Poster-s.com/YourName.
  • PreciousMetal-s.com/YourName.
  • Puzzle-s.com/YourName.
  • RareCoin-s.com/YourName.
  • RubberStamp-s.com/YourName.
  • SilverCoin-s.com/YourName
  • SilverEagle-s.com/YourName.
  • Shirt-s.com/YourName.
  • Sweater-s.com/YourName.
  • Tie-s.com/YourName.
  • Tool-s.com/YourName
    See- TaxidermyBy.com/BobLewis
    Redirect- 1-763.com/717-2222
    For Sale- 1-262.com/555-6789

Any of these website address (URL's) can be the subscribers main website address, OR can auto redirect to any existing website or webpage.

Auto Redirect to their face book page, or their profile page on their real-estate brokers site, or to a free website builder URL.

These 500+ Unique Website Addresses URL's, are available for subscription at $50.00 per year.  (Just a dollar a week.)

As a Rep, you will earn 50% commission for each subscription
you generate to any of over 500+ Domain URL's in our collection.

Your Market is World Wide and Unlimited

Very Descriptive URL's Available
 For Subscription

Unique website addresses for anyone and any business  !


Your Phone Number AND Website Address in ONE !


Contact us today, and learn more about the income potential
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